Fića changes the way you see the world

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You Are Here:Fića changes the way you see the world

On the first morning after I came back from Niš, I opened the blinds, looked out the window, saw the yellow Fića parked in the front yard and jumped backwards in surprise.
I still go to my garage from time to time, open the door, poke my head inside to check if my Fića is really there and I go on with my daily routine.
Reactions of people around me, and my pets were similar.
– What in the world is that?
– Well… a Fića…
– Well, who does that belong to? Where did you get that?
– I bought it, what do you mean where did I get it!

I can honestly say that I’ve bought a secret recipe for happiness, and that I can always take a dose when I need it.
It’s absolutely impossible to be sad in a Fića.
It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny outside, if it’s snowing or raining or if people are grumpy, Chips is driven with a smile, people sit on his seats with a grin and they exit in the same manner.

Although, with some difficulties, because very few people know how to open the doors from the inside.

Little yellow blob on Belgrade streets hasn’t left anyone uninterested.
Elderly people, young people, kids – everyone points their finger at him, they turn heads, let him go first in traffic, they wave at him from the bus stops, and other drivers always roll their windows down while we’re standing at the traffic lights to exchange a few words.

I don’t need to go to the gym, rolling the windows up and down every 10 minutes or so is an exercise of a special kind.

Our first visit to the gas station will not be soon forgotten by myself and a few of the workers.
– Good day! Erm… Gasoline, to the top, let me just see where… where’s the… ummm…
I will never forget the moment when I’ve realized that I have absolutely no idea where Fića’s fuel tank was or how the gasoline actually gets there.
– Oh, A Fića! He’s so cute! So… You don’t know how to…?
– Actually… no. I just bought him and for now I know that he has four wheels and that he’s yellow.
At this point my face probably went crimson red.
– Ah. So let’s see… Because I don’t know either.
I thought at that point that those were the most embarrassing 2 minutes of my entire life and that I’ll never come back to that gas station again, but today I smile every time I think about it.

– Let me just get my colleague, he’ll know how to deal with this.
A middle-aged gentleman appears, with a grin on his face, he can’t believe what he sees and hears.
He pops the hood, unscrews the tank lid and the rest of the work leaves to the younger colleague.
– Is it for sale?
– No, it’s not, I just bought it and that’s why I’m embarrassing myself in front of you all right now.
– Oh come on, now you know so you can do it yourself next time… And please, come again!
– Thanks…
How is it possible that I’ve never checked where Fića’s fuel tank was, will forever remain a mystery for me.
I sat in the car, gave myself a facepalm and disappeared from the gas station as fast as I could.

We were on our way to Mare’s workshop in Zemun, for our first check and a meet-and-greet.
Mare was described as a man who can fix absolutely everything, he used to have a white Fićа and he resurrected Mladen’s red Fića from the (almost) dead numerous times – therefore he sounded like a good choice for Chips’s first doctor in Belgrade.

Hidden on the very edge of a cliff on the coast of Danube, behind the old stone house, was hidden a small garage.
On the grass in the front, an old Ford Escort was sleeping. Inside the garage, a Mini was going trough restoration.

– It’s a very pretty Fića, very pretty… Let’s take a look at the engine, check the belts, they probably need to be replaced with new ones…
– What is that, a grater?! Where did you take that out from?
– That’s an air filter.
– Oh… And where did you find that?
– Here, look – now I’ve put it into winter mode.
– What? WINTER MODE? You’re kidding, or…?
– No, see, when you turn it like this, that’s for winter time. And if you turn it like that, in the opposite direction, that’s for summertime.
– Oh my God what have I dragged myself into.
– Whoooa, your wheel is totally loose, you see here, it should not move like this when I shake it with my hands…
– Are you trying to tell me that my wheel is going to fall off?
-Well, no, it won’t exactly fall off right now, but… You should come to get that fixed ASAP.
– …

On that day I’ve learned where the fuel tank on my Fića is, how to adjust the grater for cold weather, that I might lose a front left wheel, and that his wipers are good for absolutely nothing except for making me smile every time I look at them, because they needed some adjusting.

Oh, also, that Chips raises the temperature in the cabin to 60C in a few minutes even if it’s -60 outside.

On my way back home from Zemun, in the Main street I got puled over by a policeman who was trying to regulate the traffic in that part of the street because a water pipe broke and a few of the workers were trying to stop the water flow and fix the problem.
– Good evening, excuse me, I just have to tell you, you have a veeeery pretty Fića! Is it for sale?
– Thank you, no, it’s not for sale, and it won’t be…
– Oh he is so cute! *turns around* Hey, come here, look at the Fića, and a lady is driving!
Those five workers came closer, looking at Chips from all sides, behind them a geyser is spraying all over, people are playing waterpolo on the sidewalk, everybody enjoying life.
– That’s a very pretty Fića, we haven’t seen you around before. Are you from here?
– Well, he just came into town actually…
– Well then, have a safe trip home and be careful around here, you see, there’s water everywhere… Goodbye!
– Bye…

Not a single day is an ordinary day when you take a Fića for a ride around town.
Because, as my friend said a few days ago when we were driving around New Belgrade – look at that guy on the bus station, look at that HONEST huge smile he just had on his face when he saw us…

The Main street is still flooded.
They’ve never really fixed that pipe…

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