October 4, 2018


He is small, yellow, grumpy, bribable.
The star of Facebook, Instagram, media and Belgrade streets.
Do not let a couple of sweet round eyes fool you – there are no obstacles for him.

Chips was born in Yugoslavia on April 3rd 1978.
He lived with his first owner for 39 years in Pirot, city in south of Serbia, before he became a resident of the capital.
He is a Zastava 750, a supermini made by the Serbian car maker Zavodi Crvena Zastava; a version of Fiat 600 made under licence from 1965.
It is the smallest car ever made by Zastava, and by far the most loved one.

The production began on October 1955. and ended on November 1985. It has since become a symbol of nostalgia and a bohemian status symbol. Because of this the prices have risen and fan clubs have emerged.

The car’s unofficial name is Fića, and it is known by this name in the whole ex Yugoslavia region.

In November 2016, a little yellow car showed up in the street with a piece of paper attached to his rear window, that said:
“Fića for sale”. A local photographer saw him, took a photo and posted in on his Instagram.
I got tagged in that photo by a friend who knew I wanted one for too long and who noticed that he was for sale – tomorrow early morning I was already en route to the other side of the country to get him.

The rest is history – Since then we’ve done plenty of traveling with friends, we’ve celebrated his 40th birthday, went trough a complete restoration and took countless world travelers visiting Belgrade on tours, showing them the way we see our city, the way we ride and the way we enjoy every single day.
On his back seat he carried passengers from as far as Australia, Canada, Brazil and India and as close as France, Germany, Netherlands and Poland…

Join us on our journey to find out more and follow us in exploring the sunny side of life!