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A secret hideout on Danube coast

There is a secret place where Chips often went in his first months in Belgrade. That place deserves to have a book written about it, or to be listed as one of the must-see places in Zemun. But then, it wouldn’t be as secret, would it…? For now let’s start this story like this – modestly. In the same manner we started our whole story on four wheels and 20-ish horsepower… About 30 kilometers from

Fića changes the way you see the world

On the first morning after I came back from Niš, I opened the blinds, looked out the window, saw the yellow Fića parked in the front yard and jumped backwards in surprise. I still go to my garage from time to time, open the door, poke my head inside to check if my Fića is really there and I go on with my daily routine. Reactions of people around me, and my pets were similar.

Going south

29th of November. Day of the Republic of SFRY. It’s a cool, but bright autumn morning. The kind of morning that greets you with the clear skies and the sun is shining and you can almost imagine the butterflies and the bees and yourself wearing short sleeves, while looking out through the half-rolled blinds… And then you open the window and your all your dreams instantly freeze to death. I blink at the clock –