January 30, 2019


    If you’d like to explore Belgrade in a completely different way – you’re in the right spot!

Made for all the fans of vintage things, car enthusiasts, history lovers or anyone who doesn’t know much about Belgrade and its long and fascinating history – our tours are a fun way to spend a day and to see all the things that are usually not in the spotlight of the travel brochures.
On his back seat Chips carried passengers from as far as Australia, Canada, Brazil and India and as close as France, Germany, Netherlands and Poland…

And he sure knows how to act like a superstar when surrounded by new people. 😀

We can show you around the corners and back streets, show you local stores or take you to museums.
Our personally tailored tours will meet your needs – You can decide on the duration of the tour as well on the topic you’re most interested in. Based on your preferences, we will do our best to meet your wishes and create a personalized tour for you and your companions.

  • We take pride in our private tours that consist of scenic drives outside the city and a picnic in nature.
  • If you want to do something different and take a break from the crowded and noisy streets, we can take you away and let you relax on a mountain, in a forest or next to a river.
    There is an option of creating unique memories of your experience – if you’d like to have a photoshoot on the spot, we do this free of charge – and there’s a gift of 10 edited, vintage-like photos waiting for you at the end of your tour!

    If you’d like to surprise someone with a tour or do something special for someone – let us know in your letter.
    We’ll do our best to organize any surprises and extra activities for you and your travel companion!
    We’re open to hear all of your ideas.

    These tours are made for at least 2, or up to 4 people.

  • If there is more than just a couple of you wanting to go on a tour, we have multiple cars for bigger groups of people.
  • Our company consists of vintage Zastava vehicles, all of them personally owned, very well cared for and in mint condition.
    Some of them are very rare and very special – We have four Yugo Cabrios (only 500 in total made in the world), a unique Yugo Florida Automatic (the is ONLY ONE in the world, made for USA market) as well as some great Zastava 101’s, some of them being driven by the third generation of the family they’ve belonged to since they were produced.

    They can take you for a ride trough the city, show you its architecture and you can learn about its history from a certified tour guide.
    If you’d like to go out of the city centre for a scenic ride or a traditional Serbian lunch in a restaurant in the countryside, we can take you there.
    Our drivers all speak English and will be more than happy to share their stories with you! 🙂

    Regardless of your choice of destination – if you’d like to take a ride trough Yugoslavia in our iconic cars or take a break from city noise and escape to nature and try some traditional foods, we will try our best to make your trip to Serbia a memorable experience!

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  • You can use our contact form or our e-mail address info@chipsthefica.com to book a tour or ask any questions.

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    “Don’t scratch the paint!”
    – From the tour with our guests from India 🙂